Best Place To Buy Just Can’t Get Enough: Rihanna and Her Christian Dior Diorama Bag Online Safe Replica Bags

Rihanna is the new face of the Christian Dior Diorama Bag, so it’s not surprising that she’s been caught carrying a couple variations of the design over the past six months–it’s part of the job. Lately, though, she’s stuck on a particular light pink version, and it’s not particularly difficult to see why.

Rihanna endorses a lot of things, but her look changes so quickly that it’s somewhat rare to see her wear or carry a particular item more than once or twice in quick succession. To see her with this blush bag in four different looks over the course of a couple weeks is plenty for speculation that she’s taken a genuine shine to this one, and that’s what we’re here to do. It’s August, after all. Not a lot is going on, and we’re always happy to look at pictures of Rihanna, Dior bags and Rihanna with Dior bags.

Below, take a look at the looks Rihanna has paired her pale pink Diorama with so far. Dior bags can only be purchased in the brand’s boutiques; the Diorama starts at $3,700 in smooth leather.

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