Christian Dior Spring 2007 handbags

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Christian Dior Spring 2007 handbags

John Galliano toned it down in Paris with the Christian Dior Spring 2007 Collection. While his line was nothing flashy, the simplicity and clean lines worked for me. Sometimes it is nice to look at something that is not too noisy or busy. The Dior Handbags were “gimmick-free chain-handled handbags” that sported the same shape but different materials and colors. Overall, this line makes my life a bit easier and makes it look easy to be fashionable. {via Style}

While the hair styles fit the feel of the collection, I must say that I would not smile if I was wearing this sort of boyish up-do either.

What I love about the tote is its minimalistic layout — It is shaped as a elegant tote, with thicker leather and gussets that bend inwards (could be unbuttoned and has a shoulder strap, which lets be honest, is always a bonus! It doesn’t comprise the brands classic cannage unlike most of its other luggage. The bag has a plain surface and generally comes in dual colors, with contrasting shade inside and outside.The bag featured in this informative article is in the Paradise collection (Cruise 2016) hence it is all black (also available in white) with colorful applique perfectly juxtaposing the noir shade. My favourite part about this bag is the Dior charms are in leather rather than metal, this adds a great touch of sportiness to the bag.The bag comes in 3 dimensions; I am using the moderate size, which is quite spacious with pockets making it a excellent day bag. If you’re looking for a more day to night bag afterward the smallest size is my preferred, you can cross body it in daily and use the handles at night, or not! It could take you away from brunch to dinner and makes for a fantastic mini travel sling too!I think this bag is a entire must-have! And the good thing is it is available in Dior India!Christian Dior’s most popular and classic bag is the Lady Dior. And, with almost all classic handbags, it comes in a couple of distinct sizes. Here is how each size appears when worn and just how much every bag can carry.

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