How To Buy This Dior Diorissimo for Fall Is Stunning Expensive Replica

Dior bags get better and better with every season, and after announcing Rihanna as the face of its most recent accessories campaign, the brand’s bag profile is even higher.

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One thing I love about Dior is they have eight major bag designs that they stick to and offer lots of options for each style. One of the most popular styles is the Diorissimo, and for fall, the bag is available in plum velvet calfskin; it’s simply stunning.

The Diorissimo isa simple, elegant tote that features the Dior logo hanging by tags from one of the handles. Of course it is beautifully made, and if you were to see this bag in person, you’d want to squeeze it and cuddle it just as we did. This Grand Sac size also comes with a long shoulder strap, which is really nice to have.

Along with the bag, we had to try the much-loved Dior So Real Sunglasses. If you follow fashion insiders on Instagram, you’ll have seen this style worn often, and Rihanna wears them in her Dior campaign. Dior always has great sunnies, but these stand out because of the hidden bridge. Shop the Dior So Real Sunglasses via Nordstrom for $545-$595. This Diorissimo is available for $5,200 via Dior boutiques.