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Do You Buy Totally Underrated: The Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag Replica Handbags Lowest Price

Not many handbags from world-famous fashion designers fly under the radar even a little bit. Because of the high margins and wide market for luxury accessories, brands push bags to the forefront of global marketing campaigns season after season; even if they fall short of creating an It Bag, those efforts still creative massive public awareness of their bags. Dior has taken a somewhat more measured approach to its pubic image since the advent of creative director Raf Simons, and in the process, remade the staid Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag into a work of art.

If you’ve noticed that you’ve seen fewer Dior bags in stores in the past few seasons, there’s a reason. It wasn’t long ago that a variety of the brand’s bags could be bought online at third-party retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Saks, but Dior has now largely ended its wholesale accessories business, preferring instead to more tightly control the stream of product in ways similar to brands like Chanel and Hermes. Dior bags aren’t sold online at all anymore, and they’re much more difficult to find in stores.

At the same time as the brand has taken its bags out of most of the places where they were once in the public eye, it’s also made them incredibly beautiful. This season, many of the Lady Diors feature gorgeously rendered floral close-ups, as well as beautiful tweed and one particularly majestic exotic. Price information is almost as difficult to come by as the bags themselves. Based on information reported by our Forum members, though, we know that a medium Lady Dior in regular leather will set you back $3,900, while the painted version in the same size will cost $4,400, which gives you an idea of the range we’re dealing with here.

Check out the current season of totally beautiful Lady Dior bags below.

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Dior Lady Dior Bags 13

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Time for round 2 of the summer hall ’17 reviews! This time I will be reviewing the Lady Dior tote I bought. The Lady Dior tote is part of Dior’s timeless classics series, and I’m sure we can all agree that the history, architecture, and look of the bag all certainly support this. Interesting fact — do you understand why the Lady Dior bag is called the Lady Dior bag? Therefore, if you’re already lucky enough to own one of these bags then now you know that your luggage is steeped in a little bit of royal history. And for people who were coveting the tote — Quite simply dying to receive one — it merely gives you an extra reason to move it up in your wishlist!I myself might see why Princess Diana loved the tote. It has a royal character to it and I believe it could make the least complicated of gals — myself included — look a bit more elegant by sporting this look. As you can tell from the montage above, Princess Diana was obsessed with all the bag and also had the black color in every size and leather! When I chose to find the tote I naturally floated towards choosing black myself — so hey I guess Lady Di and I’ve got something in common when it comes to gravitating towards black accessories! Anyways jokes aside I chose to go for the Lady Dior at the original size in black lambskin (not the mini or the large) with gold hardware. I love the look of silver hardware on a Lady Dior too, but for some reason felt that the black really popped out from the black and that I fell in love with the look. The initial a.k.a authentic version of the bag retails for approximately $4,100 USD while I got mine for under a 1/10 of the at about $400 USD.
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