Buying Guide Replica Bags Cara Delevingne x Mulberry SS2014 Ad Campaign


Oeps! I hope I am not interrupting Cara Delevingne. She has organized a splendid tea party and decorated with the charm of the English tradition. And of course; blended with Mulberry Bags For Sale Philippines Replica creativities. Meet her little friends; Parson Jack Russel, A Patterdale Terrier, Ms. Pelican, Cute little pony and two talk-too-much cockatoos.

Background inspired by the eighteenth century in a beautiful English country house, so amazing that flowers started to grow all over the house. Perhaps it’s just a garden house.

Here’s model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne, leaving her London house using a Mulberry Cara Delevingne Bag in tow. As you might have figured, this tote is part of a namesake capsule set that Cara recently intended for the manufacturer. The bags are Fall 2014, therefore they are not available for purchase, but zany Fendi Bag Bug that Cara’s sporting on her Mulberry bag can be pre-ordered for $800 in Bergdorf Goodman.It’s been a tumultuous year for Mulberry – creative manager Emma Hill and CEO Bruno Guillion both left within months of each other, and the brand recently announced they would be returning into the pricing structure they used before Guillion (previously of Hermes) took the reigns. Essentially, that means that the brand is lowering its costs, in a somewhat frantic effort to contact its mid-priced, “It” bag roots. You can read all about that statement here.Fashion is an industry of rarity, but the news late last week out of Mulberry might be the strangest thing we’ve seen in recent memory. On the heels of former CEO Bruno Guillon’s exit, the business has announced it’s going to go back to a price structure similar to the one it used before he took the helm of this new a couple of decades ago. In real-world terms, that means one very important matter to bag fans: Mulberry’s bags are just about to become significantly less expensive.Guillon, who had come to Mulberry in the ultra-luxury environs of Hermes, set about creating Mulberry’s bags more exclusive and desired chiefly by making them more expensive. Not only did this strategy alienate (and finally push) popular and successful creative manager Emma Hill, but it also turned off a lot of the brand’s longtime customers, that relished the brand’s position as a mid-market provider of It Bags for It Girls and grown women alike.

Now like always, you can’t start a Mulberry ad campaign without the iconic Bayswater. For the Spring Summer 2014 collection, marry it with an innocent white dress and a pair of high-heels Sandals.

A new summer means new colors; here is a first look at the new orange Bayswater tote bag. And don’t miss the Kensal boxy clutch in small size, carried by Cara and wearing a pretty floral coat.

This is the Mulberry Spring Summer 2014 ad campaign featuring Cara Delevingne. The new collection will be available soon.