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The British fashion house Mulberry makes it quite exciting for their fall winter 2013 collection. The newest Bayswater shoulder bag, inspired by the classic Bayswater tote, was introduced in the market. Totally unexpected. Whether the shoulder bag will ever claim its own spot on the iconic wall of fame, I do not know. But what I do know is that the Mulberry Suffolk bag is flirting with me.

The fresh Mulberry Suffolk bag is the yummiest of the F/W 13 so far; the superb elegant touch melted together with Mulberry’s traditional detailing. The indispensable postman’s lock and the famous keyring fob, this is the ladylike version of the doctor’s bag.

According to Emma Hill, the Suffolk collection is new to Mulberry. The style is entirely different, like the vintage-inspired frame top and the structured shape. Everything that they are designing is focused on longstanding and new customers. Mulberry also wants to extend the options for existing customers, adding new collection and encouraging them to try something new.

The Suffolk bag is available in different leathers, like (printed) Hair Calf, Ostrich, Classic Calf and Shrunken calf. You can pick the colors like teal, yellow, brown, black navy. Small sizes starts from €1.750 ($2,300 USD) in classic calf to €6.000 ($7,500 USD) in Ostrich. Large sizes starts from €2.050 ($2,650 USD). At Mulberry Bags Discount Prices Replica e-store.

The upmarket move may have functioned if Mulberry’s products had moved in an obviously more luxurious direction, however they didn’t — there were few exotics available and no longer fur than was present under Hill, and they didn’t have a distinctly elevated aesthetic in any manner. Consumers weren’t impressed.Under those circumstances, it is not especially surprising that the upmarket move simply led to declining sales, but what is surprising is that Mulberry has confessed and vowed to reverse the price increases. I can’t recall another brand doing this in the half decade I have been covering the accessories industry, and that Mulberry seems to be trying to re-win the confidence of previous customers indicates just how devastating Guillon’s plan was for the London leather merchandise stalwart.Mulberry’s challenges are not exactly over, however; today that the ship has been righted on pricing, the newest still needs to mention a permanent CEO replacement and discover a new creative director to produce clients forget all about this monetary unpleasantness.Here’s actor Liev Schreiber carrying a very handsome Mulberry Brynmore Messenger Bag at NYC. It seems like he is giving someone directions in the West Village, and because West Village is the most confusing area in New York, that makes great sense. Liev’s Mulberry Brynmore bag was part of the brand’s Mulberry for Apple Collection, a line of leather goods created especially to match Mac products. This bag was made to accommodate the 15″ MacBook Pro – smaller laptops or iPads would obviously fit well inside too. The Brynmore is available for $1,350 at Mr. Porter.

Regardless of debuting a lineup of more accessible bags to win back old customers and registering on Cara Delevingne to do a high profile capsule collection and campaign, Mulberry’s bundles still have not turned around. Before this week, the business issued a profit warning to investors after a 17% decline in sales in the first half of 2014, according to Women’s Wear Daily. Be careful of anyone who wants to blame that to international strife or changing travel patterns, even however; Mulberry’s only got itself to blame.In yesterday’s New York Times, Vanessa Friedman enumerated the issues at Mulberry that we have been discussing here for a while. Despite the passing of disastrous CEO Bruno Guillon, who reached the brand from Hermès and, in his brief tenure, jacked up all its costs and alienated popular creative director Emma Hill to the verge of resignation, not much has changed. The company has yet to name a brand new permanent CEO or creative manager, although they do have Cara Delevingne on their payroll.The problem with Delevingne, however, is that so does everyone else, from DKNY to Burberry into Chanel. Although her lineup and campaign together with the brand’ve received a moderate quantity of press attention, reporters on the Delevingne beat are spread pretty thin; without ponying up cash for an exclusive, her mere existence has limited value to a brand that is trying to distinguish itself. Mulberry has a history of betting on the wrong stars in the wrong ways, however; recall Lana Del Rey’s tote?
Updating a longtime fan favorite to increase its longevity is a precarious pursuit, but when done properly, it breathes new life into a tote. Case in point: Givenchy’s pitch-perfect reimagining of the Nightingale bag last collapse. Together with the new Bayswater, Coca and his staff have taken a similar approach as Givenchy: simplifying the tote’s finishing while retaining its general form. It feels like a great, if very controlled, development to the original.If you like the old-style Bayswater, the great thing is it looks like it’s going to be sticking around for the immediate future. Mulberry lists equally as available for Pre-Fall 2016, using the full-size new version retailing for $1,550, whereas the first will set you back $1,395. The redesigned Bayswater also comes in a more miniature choice, which costs $1,250. Not only was poaching Céline’s head of accessories the sort of buzz-worthy move Mulberry required in order to attract some favorable focus on the ailing new, but also the designer attracted considerable purse chops with him. Coca’s very first set of Mulberry runway totes, that surfaced over the weekend in London, are, in many ways, what the brand required to distract both the industry’s chattering class and the brand’s shoppers in the doubt of the past few years.There’s a lot of their most wearable sections of Céline in these bags, but unlike so many manufacturers who have tried to recreate the magic of its luxury, woman-focused minimalism, Mulberry went out and hired the guy who pioneered that look in Céline’s bags, shoes, sunglasses, jewellery and small accessories. It’s a move that is repaid, and when those totes eventually sell at a price point that is more consistent with Mulberry’s prices prior to the firm hired a CEO from Hermès, costs skyrocketed and everything went sideways, I can see a great deal of fans returning into the brand, in addition to new clients shopping Mulberry for the very first time.

Mulberry Suffolk in Midnight Blue is also available
at Luisa Via Roma for $2,923.

To be truthful, I’d never considered a Mulberry bag before, so this wasn’t a lifelong desire I have had. I detected that the Bayswater when several bloggers I follow obtained a bunch of free ones to proceed along with Mulberry’s new campaign of upgraded Bayswater. I found myself checking out Mulberry’s bags online. Looking mostly at the brand new Bayswater. I checked out Youtube testimonials about size and weight and the way to carry. I wasn’t sold. You could only carry my one in the crook of the arm, or using the cross body strap. I like a summer tote to go on my shoulder, as I can’t stand cross body bags digging in my shirts and pinching into my boobs. Nope.Whilst checking out Youtube testimonials, I stumbled upon the beautiful Alice Chidgey along with her routine updates on her previous fashion Bayswater. She posted videos shortly after purchasing, a year after and then 3 years later. I instantly fell in love. I loved the older look of the bag and how it obsolete. It rather reminded me of this old school physician’s luggage AND I CAN WEAR ON MY SHOULDER, HOORAH!Honestly, Alice’s review sold it to me. I believe we are very much alike because she wasn’t going to be too precious about the bag, but still adore it and use it as it should be utilized.

Not long ago, Mulberry Bags Westfield Stratford Replica publicly announced its intentions to change its own cost structure and purse offerings in order to attempt to stanch its recent sales slip, and now we’re seeing the opening salvo of those changes. The Mulberry Tessie Bags, which begin at $860, are the brand’s new beginning.There are a few noteworthy things about those four new totes, which are mid-season entrants which are probably supposed to get the ball rolling over to make a big splash with customers. (The splashy bags, certainly, will come after.) They lack the large Mulberry turnlock which has graced nearly all Mulberry bags released in the last several years. Rather, they have a little gold square with an embossed Mulberry tree.Second, the totes are discreet. These bags are workhorses, and the kind of thing which each woman needs to have in her closet. They form not just a fantastic foundation for a wardrobe, but also to get a new accessories set – there’s lots of room to expand from here, but these are the kinds of bags which got the brand its loyal following in the very first place.Mulberry is presently functioning both with no permanent CEO and also a durable creative manager, so it’s possible that the inclusion of one or more executives in the future could drastically alter the brand’s current trajectory. Until there’s more stable direction, though, this really is a back-to-basics olive branch which Mulberry fans will probably be pleased to see, even if they hold off on buying for the moment.
He is also played with the present colors — the traditional oak hue is currently much richer and darker than before.He’s controlled and confident in his eyesight for Mulberry. “I want to push the boundaries and give a more contemporary feel for the new, but keeping all of the DNA and credibility,” he says. “I’m not here to totally change it. It’s really important to honor where it comes from.” Keen not to alienate the traditional client, Coca’s Bayswater will sit alongside the present style, and both will retail for #895 (a brand new, smaller version will also be available for #795). Coca was aware of price in this redesign: some of Mulberry’s current problems were attributed to the decision to reposition the new, subsequently driving up accessories costs, and the firm are currently focused on creating bags inside the #500-#900 bracket. It is not right. If you’re a good designer and you understand what you are doing, you do not have to,” he says. “It’s essential for Mulberry to be honest about what we create, the quality and the price. We are not a brand that states we want to create masses of money.” Then again, he’s deadly serious about his ambitions. “I am not here just to perform,” he concludes. “I’m here to make a success”