Franch Replica Handbags Mulberry Tessie Bag Collection


Honestly, I do not know where Mulberry is going or trying to go. I’d understand Alexander Wang and his intention with Balenciaga – the motorcycle bags is already dominating, modification will only angry the fans (including myself), leave that as it is (good!) and let’s expand the assortment with more modernized and ultra feminine bags.

Mulberry just released a new collection, the Tessie Collection. Previously they collaborated with Cara Delevigne and introduced a new (Cara Delevigne) Handbag Collection. This time they are leaning more toward simple and vintage look, I am only surprised I didn’t see any tassels.

I bet this collection has something to do with Fall and Winter 2014, black, oak and oxblood are not the colors I would invest for the summer. But what I love is that they are practical to use, even as an everyday bag, also decent priced for the fashionista’s that love designer bags with quality and price well balanced.

The ad campaign reflects to the lifestyle of Tessie, she loves nature, landscape and horses. The design was inspired by the early saddle bags, equestrian leathers and the so Hill Farm.

Mulberry Small Tessie Satchel: £495 GBP
Mulberry Medium Tessie Satche: £595 GBP
Mulberry Tessie hobo Bag: £695 GBP
Mulberry Tessie Grained Tote: £595 GBP

Below you will find a few items of the Mulberry Tessie Bag Collection, you can find more at Mulberry e-store.

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I felt I needed a bigger bag for work. I’m one of those people that likes to take everything with me anywhere. I had been utilizing smaller cross body bags for sometime and slowly built up a heap of random objects in my kitchen I’d like to call “handbag rejects”. I missed having the ability to take my arbitrary belongings with me and most importantly, I lacked a clever big bag for work meetings. I frequently need to take reports and things with me to meetings, so would end up taking a separate bag for them (what?! Just call me the bag lady). I really like brown bags. Well brown anything when it comes to accessorise really. I’ll always go for a brown leather coat vs a black one. So this tote felt right for me. Hence the purchase was created…. The leather is like no other. When I first opened it the smell hit me straight away. The leather is supple and soft and smooth to the touch screen. Notice, that the leather on this bag isn’t as grainy as the new Bayswater in brown. I thought that looked a bit too grainy for me. The leather on my infant is soft and floppy. Side note, I am convinced Mr Mulberry Bags Duty Free Heathrow Replica when establishing his business could only dream of one day having someone refer to his merchandise as floppy. As does everyone.Moving On.The bag fits everything I really need. I still haven’t taken to a meeting, but I have one in London next week, so I look forward to taking her into the big smoke afterward. I’ll have the ability to blend in with all the other Londoners attending meetings with their gorgeous purses (cos that’s what all Londoners do, obvs)I do wear the bag mainly on my shoulder. The straps are stiff, and it is a tight fit to utilize this way. Probably not the best bag with a winter jacket. Sometimes I wind up with only 1 strap on my shoulder, however, I find this hurts after a little while. Sad face indeed.But with just a top on or even a cardigan, it’s a great fit. The bag is heavy too, and that is without a it.Put the few cons to a side, the bag is gorgeous. I think I made the ideal decision with this style of Bayswater. It is a classic and will never go out of fashion. It’s easy and tasteful.