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A lot of great things have happened to Dior’s accessories line under the leadership of Raf Simons and his creative team, and now there’s one more that bag shoppers can add to the list: the Christian Dior Handbag Blue Replica Diorama Bag, which officially launched in boutiques in mid-March as part of its debut with the Spring 2015 collection. Below, we’ve got a look at over two dozen versions of the bag that are available right now.

The design is a compact flap shoulder bag with a part-leather, part-chain strap that’s adjustable for different types of wear. The bag fills a spot in the brand’s lineup similar to the one the Boy Bag filled for Chanel–an easy-to-wear marquee design that appeals to young, trend-conscious consumers who might find the brand’s other bags too ladylike.

Most of the bags feature piped trim in an oversized version of the brand’s signature Cannage pattern, but a few lack both it and the shield-shaped front closure. The initial run of the design includes both smooth and grained leathers, as well as prints, embroidery, python and crocodile, plus two sizes: small and medium. Prices start at $3,000 for the small version in leather and top out at $34,000 for the medium in crocodile.

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However, according the principles of the era, a “good” simple day bag needed to be made of the finest exotic skins like python or ostrich and hand-crafted to the highest degree of quality. The irony being that although Dior was crafting his dresses with billowy complete crinoline skirts and tiny waists, he wasn’t that concerned with the handbags himself. He would farm out handbag production to some other luxury good firms, who then profited in the Midas touch of placing the Dior name on their products.Decades after Christian Dior’s death, the handbag became a significant bit of the Dior set in 1990s. And in 1995, the style house introduced the largest “it bag” of the 20th century, the Lady Dior. The story goes that Bernadette Chirac, the first woman of France, gave Princess Diana this bag, which featured cannage dressed leather along with four charms to each of the letters in DIOR. Designer John Galliano, with his exceptionally inventive purses, is mostly responsible for the organization’s success in the handbag market. His Saddle Bag, that has look on “Sex and The City,” is shaped like a saddle with C and D charms hanging from mini leather stirrups. In 2007, he redesign his iconic bag to 12 new fashions representing 12 nations–Argentina, Mexico, France, Russia, Morocco, Spain, China, the United States, India, Japan, Egypt and England. Other popular Galliano bags include the Rasta tote, the Samurai, and the Dior 61.
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