Genuine Leather Replica Mulberry Delphie Bag


At BRAGMYBAG we do not want to waste your time, and we only want to present handbags that are worth bragging about. What caught our attention lately is the brand-new Mulberry Delphie Bag Collection.

We’ve been ambitiously following Mulberry lately, in the past it was only the Bayswater and Alexa bags, but recently they have been introducing new series of bag collections – from modern pieces to lower priced accessories, to vintage styles. And we are loving it.

But anyways, back to the Mulberry Delphie Bag. This beauty is the combination of the brand’s craftsmanship with modernity in mind. It features a silver thin shoulder chain and a front flap. It comes with a new minimalism closure (with mulberry tree in the center) and style.

What I love about the Delphie handbags are the new colors that will be available, the yellow pink crocodile leather is absolutely to-die-for. And if you don’t mind baby’ing handbags, also in full-white. Get obsessive with the bi-color green and black front flap, the body should be made from suede. For those who seek for more classics, wear it in full black with black chains.

Here is the point, the Mulberry Delphie Bag Collection will be released for the Spring Summer 2015 Collection. Yes, around January or February. So details are not published yet, we will keep you informed.

So what do you think? Still dreaming about the Bayswater bag?








There’s no short of beautiful, rich, young, British it girls-in-the-making for Mulberry to select, but with no permanent CEO and a new creative director to guide the brand in a purposeful management, expect to see Mulberry spinning its wheels for some time, whatever the state of the worldwide luxury market.Yesterday was Cara Delevingne’s 22nd birthday, also considering that she’s an international It Girl and supermodel in a well-to-do London family, you would be excused for not knowing just what to get her. Mulberry, the newest that loves Cara the very most, did not seem quite so stumped; it obtained her an edible Mulberry Cara Delevinge Bag, bathed in dark fondant.In that this post-Cake Boss world, everything has the potential to be a thing that’s also a cake, and purses, using their generally blocky shapes, are comparative child’s play into the stunt bakers of earth. Nevertheless, this dessert is a particularly good example of the genre; if it first appeared on Mulberry’s Twitter accounts, I had to look at it very closely to be sure my eyes were not deceiving me.They weren’t. The cake is, of course, modeled after Mulberry’s yet-to-hit-stores cooperation with Delevingne, which largely involves adding quilting (and occasionally backpack straps or claws) to Mulberry’s favorite Bayswater shape. Mulberry and Delevingne are currently in the middle of a huge publicity tour for the bags, so here is hoping they show up in stores soon.If you were going to get a handbag birthday cake, which bag would you pick?