Italy Replica Bags Mulberry Creative Director Emma Hill Launches Hill & Friends Collection


I am not sure why Emma Hill chooses to release her own collection, but here it is… the Hill & Friends Bag Collection.

Yes, she is still the creative director of Mulberry Bags Factory Shop Replica and she is enjoying her work. Mulberry has been innovative lately; they’re introducing new modern handbags, giving us more options that the iconic Bayswater Tote Bag.

But for creative directors to launch their own collection…is a quite common thing. You see, Karl Lagerfeld is running Chanel while changing the world as a creative director at Fendi. And not to mention, Karl Lagerfeld is also running his own brand.

But anyways, the Hill & Friends Bag Collection comes with many bright-coloured handbag, like this tote bag with a large chic lock in the center. Most of them were presented on a plate, but you know… this bag reminds me of something. What’s in your mind?
















I believed I had a larger bag for the work. I’m one of those who likes to take everything with me everywhere. I was utilizing smaller cross body bags for sometime and gradually built up a pile of random items in my kitchen I’d like to call “handbag rejects”. I missed having the ability to take my arbitrary belongings together and most importantly, I lacked a smart major bag for work meetings. I often need to take reports and things with me to meetings, therefore would wind up taking a separate bag for these (what?! Only call me the bag lady). I really like brown bags. Well brownish anything in regards to accessorise actually. I’ll always go for a brown leather coat vs a black one. So this bag felt right for me. Hence that the purchase was made…. The leather is like no other. When I opened it the smell hit me right away. The leather is soft and supple and smooth to the touch screen. Note the leather on this bag isn’t as grainy as the brand new Bayswater in brown. I thought that looked a bit too grainy for me personally. The leather in my infant is soft and floppy. Side note, I am sure Mr Mulberry when setting up his business could just dream of one day with somebody refer to his merchandise as floppy. As does everyone.Moving On.The bag matches everything I could need. I have not yet taken to a meeting, but I’ve one in London next week, so that I look forward to taking her into the big smoke afterward. I will be able to mix in with all the other Londoners attending meetings with their gorgeous purses (cos that’s what all Londoners do, obvs)I really do wear the tote mainly on my own shoulder. The straps are stiff, and it is a tight fit to wear this manner. Probably not the best bag having a winter jacket. Sometimes I wind up with only 1 strap on my shoulder, but I find this hurts after a time. Sad face indeed.But with merely a top on or even a cardigan, it’s a great fit. The bag is thick too, and that’s with nothing in it.Put the few drawbacks to a side, the bag is gorgeous. I think I made the right decision with this style of Bayswater. It’s a classic and won’t ever go out of style. It’s easy and elegant.


Pictures courtesy of: Vogue

*Correction: Emma Hill is not the Creative Director of Mulberry anymore.