How Much Celebs Shop and Travel with Bags From Dior, Valentino & Givenchy Professional Replica

The holidays are here, and celebs are busy crossing names off their gift lists on Rodeo Drive and other preferred LA shopping destinations. (At least, one would assume they’re shopping for others at this time of year. If not, no judgement here, ladies!) And as always, some of our best bag-spotting comes courtesy of the tireless paparazzi loitering by the arrivals and departures gates of LAX. We appreciate your efforts, ladies and gentlemen of the press, even when celebrities obviously don’t.

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Diane Kruger
Chanel Quilted Satchel

Here’s Diane Kruger, taking a very important call while doing a little shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. She’s carrying a lovely black leather Chanel Quilted Satchel. Her whole look here does a great job of saying “I am European and everything I have is unattainable.”


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Kelly Bensimon
Hermès Ostrich Birkin

A woman with energy and power in a very certain way. This year is much less about the leisure of this garden and much more concerning the speed of the city. I am attracted to the fact of the urban world,” Raf Simons told Grazia.The Look: Arguably his best collection for Dior, Raf Simons did away with all the heavy embellishments of seasons past and concentrated instead on tailoring and playing with proportions, as he did his best collections for Jil Sander. The effect was amplified with the designer’s vivid colour palette, which included pink, pink, emerald, blue, red, fuchsia, yellow and many more vibrant shades and created for a slew of stunning looks that successfully showed off the beautiful silhouettes.

Art Basel shenanigans are happening right now in Miami Beach, and in case you’ve forgotten what Art Basel is (I do, every single year), it’s a giant annual art fair for the super rich. If you’re not shopping for a pricey installation piece while carrying an ostrich Birkin with at Basel, you might as well be no one. Real Housewife Kelly Bensimon clearly got the memo.


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Kourtney Kardashian
Givenchy Pandora Box Bag
$1,790 via Barneys

Here’s Kourtney Kardashian, exiting a Saint Laurent in Beverly Hills with her lovely black leather Givenchy Pandora Box Bag. She may or may not have opted out of pants altogether for the purposes of this outfit, but you know what? Pants are terrible, and I’m just jealous that she is short enough to pull this off.


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Kris Jenner
Chanel Boy Bag

Kris Jenner was recently spotted leaving Craig’s with a brand new fave: an iridescent green Chanel Boy Bag, along with boyfriend Corey Gamble. I actually made a remark in one of last week’s posts about how odd it was that they had opted to dine somewhere else besides Craig’s, and here they are, right back at Craig’s one week later.


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Liv Tyler
Valentino Rockstud Camera Bag
$1,395 via Saks

Here’s Liv Tyler, looking casual and gorgeous as she heads into an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live with a dainty black leather Valentino Rockstud Camera Bag. She’s on the press trail promoting a new season of her show The Leftovers on HBO.


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Lupita Nyong’o
Jimmy Choo Rebel Crossbody Bag
$975 via Nordstrom

If you need a good reminder that Jimmy Choo does something else besides shoes (and does it with aplomb), here it is: Lupita Nyong’o’s petite grey Jimmy Choo Rebel Crossbody Bag. Lupita is heading into Good Morning America to promote one of her many projects, like her Broadway play Eclipsed, or that little indie flick she recently did called Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


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Marion Cotillard
Christian Dior Open Bar Tote

Marion Cotillard was recently caught slinking through LAX with a pristine white Christian Dior Open Bar Tote. Her look says “I am European, and everything I have is unattainable for you…with the exception of this oversized hoodie”.


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Serena Williams
Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Alma Bag

Serena Williams makes a grand effort to disguise herself at the airport, but any savvy celeb spotter knows that floppy hat plus giant shades plus Louis Vuitton bag equals probable celebrity.