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Wanting to add a sense of flair and style to your everyday wardrobe but don’t know how? Well, here’s the secret ladies: own a luxury piece that will make a bold statement. The Mulberry Kite Tote Bag is the perfect accessory that will glam up your everyday office outfit.

For its Spring Summer 2016 collection, Mulberry introduced the Kite Tote which comes in different colors, designs, textures and finish. Simple yet elegant with its no-frills ensemble, this bag is making a great appearance in the fashion world. Innovative in all its angles, the Kite Tote will be the next holy grail among Mulberry fans. It boasts of a double-function handle pivoted handles that gives women the choice to carry this piece in several fashionable ways. You can tow this showstopper in your hands with its two short accessible handles or use the longer straps and turn it into a classy shoulder bag. Your essentials such as smartphone, lipstick, and car keys can be found easily inside the Kite tote for you can stash them in the detachable pouch which is hidden inside.

For women who can’t make up their minds, keep your worries at bay for there are several designs you can choose from: The Midnight Flat Calf retails at $1450 USD, Camel Deep Embossed Croc Print at $1590 USD and Neon Yellow Ostrich $12,000 USD.











Here is model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne, leaving her London house using a Mulberry Cara Delevingne Bag in tow. As you may have figured, this bag is part of a namesake capsule set that Cara recently intended for the manufacturer. The totes are Fall 2014, therefore they are not available for purchase, but that zany Fendi Bag Bug that Cara’s sporting on her Mulberry bag can be pre-ordered for $800 at Bergdorf Goodman.It’s been a tumultuous year for Mulberry – inventive manager Emma Hill and CEO Bruno Guillion both abandoned within months of each other, and the newest recently announced they will be returning to the pricing structure they used before Guillion (formerly of Hermes) took the reigns. Essentially, that means that the brand is lowering its prices, in a rather frenzied attempt to get back to its mid-priced, “It” bag roots. You can read all about that statement here.Fashion is an industry of rarity, but the information late last week out of Mulberry might be the rarest thing we’ve seen in recent memory. On the heels of former CEO Bruno Guillon’s departure, the business has announced it’s going to return to a cost structure much like this one it used before he took the helm of the new a couple of decades back. In real-world terms, that means one very important thing to bag fans: Mulberry’s bags are just about to become considerably less expensive.Guillon, who’d come to Mulberry in the ultra-luxury environs of Hermes, place about making Mulberry’s bags more exclusive and desirable chiefly by making them more expensive. Not only did this tactic alienate (and finally drive out) successful and popular creative manager Emma Hill, but it also turned off lots of the new longtime clients, who relished the new position as a mid-market provider of It Bags for It Girls and grown women alike.