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In the world fashion, there is a fixed rule – everything that’s once large, must go small. And everything that’s small must go mini. This is like a law, there’s no other way around it.

So when Louis Vuitton first launched the Capucines Tote Bag, you could have predicted that the Capucines BB tote is coming. It was just a matter of time.

And so when DIOR launched the Be Dior Flap Bag, it was just a matter of time that they would introduce the mini Be Dior Flap Bag.

And now back to Prada, can you remember the Galleria Bag, released in November 2013 – a gorgeous tote bag with a front flap and extra large closure. Well, here’s the mini version of it.

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The Prada Mini Galleria Bag is different than the large version – it’s a beautiful, boxy tote in a cute size. Crafted from patent saffiano leather, it’s a lovely bag if you’re looking for durability with style.

It comes in different sweet colors like Celeste Blue, Red and even in Black if you love to go safe. Made with golden hardware and rolled tote handles, the brand’s triangle logo is crafted on the bag’s front.

In the interior you can find a zip and open pocket to store all your essentials. There is also a zip compartments in the frame front and back. It’s simple yet sophisticated, measuring 4.75’ x 6.5’ x 3.25’ (H x W x D) inches, priced at $1,050 USD, pre-order at Neiman Marcus.




I still like the design well enough today, but I have to say I love it. I am not sure when I simply got tired of it or what, but I just no longer have this excited at the prospect of using it. I find it fairly, for sure — but perhaps just not gorgeous.The colour of my BN2316 is Ottanio or teal — that is the one trait of my bag that makes me smile to this day. I love the colour! Actually, when I went into the boutique to buy mine, I almost left empty-handed since none of the colors were calling out to me. Just as I was about to depart (disappointed, by the way, because I was determined to get one that day), my SA brought out the lovely Ottanio tote and I almost swooned. It is really lovely the first time you see it it is too bad my photos can’t appear to catch its beautiful colour. Anyhow, I made my mind up right then and there, and then went home with a gigantic Prada Saffiano Bag Red Replica box and an even bigger smile on my face.The Prada saffiano bags have the Prada logo jacquard fabric liner which is apparently the brand’s most commonly-used liner in more recent models (ah, how I miss the times of leather-lined Prada bags). It is fine, but not something I’m especially impressed with — mainly, there is a feeling of flimsiness for it, such as it may get holes quite easily (and I’ve noticed some people post pictures of theirs with holes onto them so I guess my opinion was correct); too, it almost looks tacky. I do not mind logos actually (after all, I do own LV monogram pieces so who am I to talk, haha)… I believe I simply don’t find the execution of the emblem found in the liner to be very excellent.