Replica Handbag Suppliers Rated Most Durable: Prada Saffiano Lux Tote Bag


The Prada Saffiano Lux Tote bag is extremely high quality and the leather pick is made in such a way that makes the bag durable. I have bought the bag for a year or so now and never have any big scratches, damages or even maintenance need. I am a very careful person, but looking at other bag I owned, some have few bad scratches that I wished they never had.

The Prada Saffiano Lux Tote is a very comfortable bag en there is even enough room inside to carry a few extra books if you need to. The bag is made of soft, stamped leather. The ‘logo prada’ is printed on the top and center of the bag (which I think is the most important thing when you buy a bag that cost more than thousands of dollars).

The bag comes in colors like Black, White, Caramel, Black, Graphite, Green and even Copper. I think the color black or white is beautiful for the first pick (if you are buying for the first time), these two colors are GORGEOUS and match any style. But IF you have already few black or white colored bags, then picking another color is better. I recommend caramel or argilla.

If you look carefully at the bag, it is actually made for career woman with a busy life style. I am not saying that the bag cannot be an everyday use, IT CAN. However, if you buy the medium size, then you can take your Apple Macbook or your A4 documents with you. I love the idea of having an Apple in the Saffiano Lux bag!

The bag is priced start at price around $1,800. I think it is an excellent price for the value you get. But then you need to pick one that you truly love.

What do you think about this bag and which colors would you pick?

Again, many will not even care because it is inside the bag so no one will truly see it besides the proprietor… but I am the proprietor in this case, I care, and I do not find myself too fond of the lining.Now, this is the huge pain point of this Prada saffiano totes generally. I’ve heard of numerous excellent issues concerning the line of bags from Prada, which almost put me off buying one in the first place. I was lucky I had a great SA who worked together to ensure I found one I had been perfectly happy with (at the time) with none of the issues mentioned by others, such as uneven stitching, popped stitching, jagged logo, zippers not zipping smoothly, buttons popping out, buttons not shutting correctly, etc.. Here’s the thing though — as my SA was showing me the various colours and sizes at the boutique, I did notice some problems on some of those bags, therefore it means quality issues do exist for the saffiano tote. During the first month or two of me owning the bag that I picked, I had been quite happy with it and did not experience any problems… until the day I noticed that the Prada logo in my bag wasn’t PERFECTLY aligned after all. It really isn’t noticeable unless you nitpick, but it’s there. I am really surprised I did not notice it once I was inspecting the tote in the boutique but I suppose I could chalk this up to my excitement at the moment, and I realized it’s actually more evident when you take pictures of it versus when you see it in actual life. I could have had it replaced but I already grew connected to it and it didn’t have some other issues, so I decided to keep it. It proved quite durable as well so that I was fine with it. I’m giving it a very low score in this region because of the number of complaints on quality I have read/heard of plus those I’ve seen myself once I had been going through different bags at the Prada boutique, and finally due to my not absolutely aligned logo Thankfully mine doesn’t have other difficulty but — to even have to go through the pains of finding a “good” bag is a big minus in this area.