Replica Handbags Lowest Price Prada Saffiano Letter Mini Bag


A special gift edition by Prada Mini Saffiano Bag Uk Replica – a mini shoulder bag, the size of a wallet and made with an extractable, adjustable leather strap. Can you wish for a better gift?

The Prada Saffiano Letter Mini Flap Bag is different than what we are used to. It comes with a front flap that has a shape like an envelope. And their Saffiano leather needs no introduction; it’s reliable, durable and above all, it holds shape:

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Made in bi-color that matches, the front flap is printed with metal lettering logo – ‘Prada Milano’. Use the snap closure to open the bag and surprise yourself by the generous interior – three document pockets, 6 credit card slots and one compartment with zipper to store your coins. All Prada Lettering Mini Flap Bags are crafted in golden-plated hardware.

Measuring 17 x 11 (L x H) cm, priced at $710 USD or €540 euro’s via Prada Saffiano Lux Tote Quality Replica e-store.

So why did I say in the beginning, I loved the design? Well, I like the layout well enough now, but I have to say I love it. I’m not certain when I just got tired of it or what, but I just no longer have that excited at the prospect of using it. I find it fairly, for sure — but perhaps not gorgeous.The color of my BN2316 is Ottanio or teal — which is the one characteristic of my bag which still makes me smile to this day. I love the color! In fact, when I went into the boutique to buy mine, I left empty-handed since none of the colours were calling me out. Just as I was going to leave (disappointed, by the way, because I was decided to get one that afternoon), my SA pulled out the lovely Ottanio tote and I nearly swooned. It’s really lovely the very first time you see it it is too bad my photos can’t seem to capture its beautiful colour. Anyway, I made my mind up right then and there, and went home with a gigantic Prada Saffiano Tote Real Vs Fake Replica box and an even bigger grin on my face.The Prada saffiano bags have the Prada logo jacquard fabric liner which seems to be the brand’s most commonly-used liner in more recent models (ah, how I miss the days of leather-lined Prada bags). It’s nice, but not something I’m particularly impressed with — largely, there is a sense of flimsiness to it, such as it may get holes fairly readily (and I have seen some people post pictures of theirs using holes onto them I guess my impression was right); too, it almost seems tacky. I do not mind logos really (after all, I do own LV monogram pieces so who am I to speak, haha)… I believe I just don’t find the execution of the logo found in the lining to be very excellent.