Cara-Delevingne-for Mulberry-Handbag-Ad-Campaign-2014-4

Replica Online Shopping Cara Delevingne for Mulberry Handbag Shoot 2014

Cara-Delevingne-for Mulberry-Handbag-Ad-Campaign-2014-4

What’s so hot about the Cara Delevigne Bag Collection?

Well, we have seen Mulberry doing collaborations before like the newest Tessa Collection, which is priced lower than their classic bags. Then we have observed how Mulberry chew their iconic bags and then turned them into shoulder bags or Bayswater double totes. But what I love the most about the Cara Delevigne Collection is the newest back packs which are quilted.

Ever since around Chanel introduced their graffiti backpack line, we’ve seen how trendy they become. And the choices are increasing, Prada just released their ‘soft backpacks’ and Balenciaga their very own ‘Le Dix Backpack’. Cara’s version is just a bit different, elegant, mixing with the elements of Mulberry.

And if you love quilted bags (you will know this by checking your previous purchases), and in combination with, that you are actively seeking for a backpack to match your casual outfit, then this should be added to your list as ‘to be considered’. It’s well worth it.

This is the second ad campaign that Cara shoots for Mulberry, it gives a good idea of how to combine her bags with chic dresses and pumps.

The Cara Delevigne Collection will be launched in September, the price will be between £895 and £2,500.

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Coca has introduced new new colors: canary yellow and candy pink will sit next to the classic burgundy, black and clay. He’s also played the present colors — the traditional oak colour is currently much deeper and richer than before.He’s confident and controlled in his eyesight for Mulberry. “I wish to push the boundaries and give a more modern sense of the new, but keeping all the DNA and authenticity,” he says. “I’m not here to totally change it. It is really important to honor where it comes from.” Keen not to alienate the traditional client, Coca’s Bayswater will sit together with the present style, and both will retail for #895 (a new, smaller version are also accessible for #795). Coca has been mindful of cost in this redesign: a few of Mulberry’s recent problems were attributed to the decision to reposition the new, then driving up accessories costs, and the firm are now focused on creating bags within the500-#900 bracket. It’s not right. If you’re a good designer and you know what you are doing, you do not need to,” he says. “It is essential for Mulberry Bag Zip Off Clutch Replica to be more honest about what we create, the high quality and the cost. We’re not a brand which states we wish to make masses of money.” Then again, he is deadly serious about his ambitions. “I am not here just to perform,” he concludes. “I’m here to make a success.”

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Cara-Delevingne-for Mulberry-Handbag-Ad-Campaign-2014