Replica Online Shopping Prada Saffiano Hobo Bag


Here’s my honest advice; be picky when it comes to studs or else… Oeps another wrong purchase, how extensive is your shopping-regret-list? H&M, Forever21? It will hit you ten times harder when you pay thousands of dollars for a beautiful bag that turns into ugly after two weeks. Perhaps you’ve already experience such regret… not a good feeling at all.

But studs, when implemented correctly into a bag, will look surprisingly astonishing. In the case of the Prada Saffiano Hobo Bag, one of their latest release for your information, is embellished with silver and golden studs, it’s beautifully structured from the back to the front. A bling bling accessory that you will adore, prettified with snap-lock clasp and embossed with the ‘Prada’ logo.

This is my third bag review, and it will be of the Prada Saffiano Executive Tote Replica saffiano double-zip bag. I already covered 2 of these — my Givenchy Antigona and Saint Laurent Sac de Jour. The oldest of my 3 structured bags is my Prada saffiano double-zip bag (specific model is BN2316). It was during this time that I found myself gravitating towards the BN2316. It was small, but not too little — it wasn’t like the mini bags of today (where you sometimes can not even match your smart phone inside them). I could fit my essentials in it — even my full-sized Prada continental wallet (that is always tight and filled with receipts) and also my ginormous phablet. Old habits die hard I guess, as I later on began getting attracted to larger bags again (as you’ve observed in my Antigona and Sac de Jour… but they’re still smaller than my old, genuinely large ones)… ah, but that’s another story for a different time.Or today, allow me to discuss my ideas on my Prada saffiano tote.He Prada saffiano double-zip tote instantly grabbed my attention. I had been attracted to its look — there was something understated and chic about it, in spite of the Prada logo right ahead. Its first appearance was also if the now-ubiquitous saffiano leather was introduced into the world.

With a single handle that reminds me of… Balenciaga Le Dix bag (just a little bit). Measuring 20 x 16 x 10 cm (L x H x W), forget about your clutch, wear this hobo bag to steal the night. Currently available in Prada Saffiano Shopping Bag Replica e-store or boutique for $3,100 USD / €2.200. Made from saffiano leather of course.