Dior Diorever Bag (2)

Top 10 Dior is on Top of Its Bag Game with the New Diorever Bag Handbag Replica Wholesale Center

While some brands rely on churning out what seems like hundreds of different designs each season, Dior sticks to quality over quantity. Over the past seveal years, Dior has slowly but surely created some of its most sought-after bags, including the Diorama Bag, Be Dior Bag and Dune Bag. On top of that, there are, of course, classics like the Lady Dior, to which we’ve devoted a full bag guide, as well.

But now there’s a new Dior bag on the block, and I’m really excited. The new Dior Diorever Bag is a cutting-edge urban tote, staying true to the Dior aesthetic with its classic beauty and clean lines. Dior is one of few brands with the kind of rich heritage and modern workmanship that consumers can see in every design, and that’s definitely true of the Diorever.

A reversible flap is the focal point of the bag, which lends it a bold character. Though most totes are simply totes, the Diorever brings much more, design-wise, while staying very simple. The crest-shaped clasp makes a statement and is recognizable as a marker of the new-age Dior woman. There are three sizes–mini, medium and large–and each comes with an optional shoulder strap. The mini starts at $2,950, medium at $3,400 and large at $3,900, with prices going up depending on the material.

You can shop this bag at Dior stores worldwide, but first, check out our exclusive photos of all three sizes below.

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Dior Diorever Bag (2)

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Dior Diorever Bag (3)

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Dior Diorever Bag (4)

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Dior Diorever Bag (10)

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