Top Grade Last Week, Celebs Flaunted Fab New Bags from Burberry, Gabriela Hearst, Dior and More Wholesale Suppliers

The much hyped Gabriela Hearst Nina Bag has not made it into many celeb hands as of yet. While the designer gifted some of the bags to a very select few celeb pals and fashion industry friends right after it was released, celebs seem to be getting wait-listed just like everyone else. What’s even more interesting is that the lucky celeb who has finally secured a Nina has never before been featured on the site. I’m personally a big fan of hers, but when I think of celeb handbag fanatics, her name certainly does not spring to mind. Nonetheless, the Nina has caught her fancy.

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Alicia Quarles
Céline Micro Luggage Tote
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But before we get to our mystery celeb guest, here’s journalist Alicia Quarles heading into the FFANY Shoes on Sale Gala in NYC. She brought a super cute tri-color Céline Micro Luggage Tote to this evening charity benefit.


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Bella Hadid
Dior Lady Dior Bag
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Bella Hadid paired a dainty Dior Lady Dior Bag with the transparent Dior look she wore to the brand’s new beauty book launch. Bella is the new face of Dior Beauty, but she seems to be working overtime promoting Dior bags, couture, undies and more.


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Gillian Anderson
Gabriela Hearst Nina Bag

Gillian Anderson was recently spotted leaving her hotel with this highly coveted new design from Gabriela Hearst. As you may already know, there is currently an insane waitlist for this bag, even though it isn’t technically sold anywhere. That’s one of several reasons we declared it one of the hottest bags in the world right now.


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Jessica Chastain
Burberry Saddle Bag
$2,795 via Saks

By comparison, Jessica Chastain’s Burberry Saddle Bag is readily available, should you have the $2,795 plus tax on hand. Jessica recently flaunted this bag while flitting through Heathrow airport.


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Jessica Simpson
Alexander McQueen Embroidered Case Clutch
$3,595 via Net-a-Porter

Jessica Simpson is trying out some different looks this fall, and suffice it to say, she certainly has my attention. Here she is heading into Barneys to do some shopping with a gorgeous Alexander McQueen Embroidered Case Clutch.


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Kate Upton
Dior Lady Dior Crocodile Bag
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Kate Upton recently made her obligatory appearance at Catch with her boyfriend Justin Verlander. She’s carrying a tiny croc Lady Dior. Kate loves exotics, and she loves the color blue, as anyone can plainly see in The Many Bags of Kate Upton.


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Katie Holmes
Chanel Flap Bag
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Here’s Katie Holmes, doing some shopping in NY after a visit to the Stephen Colbert show. She’s paired a gorgeous Chanel Flap with an extremely TV-ready outfit.


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Kris Jenner
Saint Laurent Monogramme Mini Bag
$2,650 via Saks

Finally, here’s Kris Jenner, carrying a small golden Saint Laurent mini to Kanye’s show in LA. She’s just doing what every good celebrity mother-in-law would do, really.


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