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Trusted Introducing the Christian Dior Be Dior Bag Genuine Leather Replica

Amanda and I share an adoration for Christian Dior Handbags Usa Replica bags; the only problem is there isn’t exactly a plethora of information on the brand’s bags for curious Internet shoppers. Yes, the brand’s website is has been updated with more information, behind the scenes details and campaign images than it used to have, but it doesn’t offer bags for sale or pricing information, and neither does any other online retailer. That’s made Dior bags a bit mysterious to most accessories lovers.

We obsessed over the beauty of the Fall 2014 Dior bags, and right now the bag from that crop that has my attention is the Dior Be Dior Bag. The Be Dior currently stars in the brand’s ad campaign with my personal girl crush Jennifer Lawrence, and the bag and JLaw fit together perfectly. Both are bold, beautiful, elegant and have their own style.

We see so many bags, but few are as clean and ladylike as the Dior classics; we can’t help but be drawn to these simple-yet-stunning designs. Furthermore, there is an urban attitude and versatility to this bag that makes it feel modern.

Be Dior combines the brand’s traditions with a fresh, casual touch. The bag is meant to be worn during the day, evening or weekend, and it’s easy to see that Be Dior Bags can easily transition into each need. The flap front gives the design a more approachable feel, while the optional crossbody strap provides a new-era cool vibe for Dior. But when you look at the bag, it is just as elegant as you’d expect from the famed French house, and that makes it a bag I simply adore.

The Be Bag in Smooth Calfskin is available in mini, small and medium sizes, which have US retail prices of $3,700, $4,400 and $4,900, respectively.

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Dior Be Dior Bag Multi

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I paid for a counter excellent replica, meaning the bag is as close to the real deal as possible — if you have been reading the site in the past you know I don’t like to mess up with bad fakes — they are a waste of cash in my view & I’m purchasing the bag to last as long as the original so I only shop for the best. The features of this particular tote that make it counter quality include the caliber, the hardware quality, the stitching, the inside of the bag, and the overall texture of the bag. I will go into detail about those details below:The leather of the bag is real lambskin leather and I must tell you it’s uber supple. Genuine lambskin leather ought to have a super buttery texture and also the leather on this bag gets a significant pass in regards to the criteria. The leather is quite comparable to the Chanel classic flap series that ought to also be super butter-y. If you purchase a bad fake with fake leather that will ruin the whole look of this tote as the quality of the leather will be visible from a mile away.Good quality hardware ought to be as heavy as the original. Dior is a brand that is in the middle in regards to hardware heaviness. The tote also has little pegs at the bottom to prevent it from becoming dirty and prevents the leather from getting scratched. Personally, I hate it when brands make bags with delicate leather like lambskin and don’t include feet at the bottom (especially in the event that you wind up opting for the real bag and spending 4 grand), but fortunately the Lady Dior is none of these bags!

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