Professional Replica Mulberry Kensal Shoulder Bag: Boxy Boxy


Named after Mulberry’s London roots, it loves to be slung around your shoulders at day and it loves to be carried by hands at night, meet the new Mulberry Kensal Shoulder bag. Squared and boxy as it is, this bag is a complete functional briefcase for work. The detailed craftsmanship signifies the quality, while the less-is-more design, beautified by the traditional Mulberry closure exposes its elegance.

I felt I had a larger bag for work. I’m one of those people that likes to carry everything with me anywhere. I was using smaller cross body bags for sometime and gradually built up a heap of random items in my kitchen I’d like to call “handbag rejects”. I missed having the ability to take my arbitrary possessions with me and most of all, I lacked a smart major bag for work meetings. I often need to take reports and things with me to meetings, so would end up taking a separate bag for these (what?! Just call me the bag woman). I love brown bags. Well brown anything when it comes to accessorise actually. I’ll always go for a brown leather jacket vs a shameful one. Hence the purchase was created…. The leather is like no other. When I first opened it that the odor hit me straight away. The leather is soft and supple and smooth to the touch. Note, that the leather on this bag isn’t as grainy as the new Bayswater in brownish. I thought that looked a bit too grainy for me. The leather in my baby is soft and floppy. Side note, I’m sure Mr Mulberry when setting up his business could just dream of one day having someone refer to his merchandise as floppy. As does everyone.Moving On.The bag matches everything I could need. I still haven’t taken to a meeting, but I’ve one in London next week, so I look forward to taking her into the big smoke afterward. I’ll have the ability to mix in with all the other Londoners attending meetings with their stunning bags (cos that is what all Londoners do, obvs)I do wear the bag mainly on my own shoulder. The straps are stiff, and it is a tight fit to wear this way. Probably not the best bag with a winter coat. Sometimes I wind up with only one strap on my shoulder, but I find this hurts after a little while. Sad face indeed.But with merely a top on or a cardigan, it’s a great fit. The bag is thick too, and that is with nothing in it.Put the few drawbacks to a side, the bag is stunning. I believe I made the right choice with this style of Bayswater. It is a classic and won’t ever go out of fashion. It’s easy and elegant.

If you are the typical ‘independent woman’ who rather choose to have it fifty/fifty on relationship and works hard to climb up the corporate ladder, the Kensal shoulder bag is the right accessory to assist your formal outfit without losing your fashion sense. Even if you decides to wear a white, blue or black dress, it will automatically adjust to your current look. And the best thing is, it’s all effortless.

First introduced in the Spring Summer 2014 collection, which means that we need to wait a little longer before its available in store. As far as we know, there are two sizes available. One that’s quite large, but ideal if you need more space. The smaller version is very cute and light, it fits nicely on your hands.

We are very excited about Mulberry’s new collection, it showed that the brand are thinking outside the box, introducing completely new styles embellished with their traditions like the postman locks. The Kensal shoulder bag is available in different colors, we love the eye-blinding fierce red for the summer. But it also comes in pure white, pink, navy blue and black. Take a look…






To be honest, I had never considered a Mulberry bag earlier, so this was not a lifelong desire I have had. I noticed the Bayswater when a few bloggers I trace received a bunch of free ones to go alongside Mulberry’s new effort of upgraded Bayswater. I enjoyed the new one, and that I secretly felt soooooo jealous of the bloggers getting these for free (read: super envious and dumbfounded that Mulberry were giving out free purses and WHY CAN’T I GET FREE MULBERRY HANDBAGS!!!?!!) I found myself checking Mulberry’s luggage on the internet. Looking mainly at the new Bayswater. I checked out Youtube reviews about size and weight and how to carry. I was not sold. You can only carry my one in the crook of your arm, or with all the cross body strap. I enjoy a summer tote to go in my shoulder as I can’t tolerate cross body bags digging into my shirts and pinching into my boobs. Nope.Whilst checking out Youtube testimonials, I stumbled upon the lovely Alice Chidgey along with her routine updates on her previous fashion Bayswater. You may check them out here. She posted videos shortly after buying, a year after and then 3 years later. I immediately fell in love. I loved the older look of the bag and the way it aged. It kinda reminded me of this old school doctor’s bags AND I CAN WEAR ON MY SHOULDER, HOORAH!Honestly, ” Alice’s review marketed it to me. I think we are extremely much alike because she wasn’t going to be too precious about the bag, but still adore it and use it as it should be used.
Updating a longtime fan favorite to maximize its longevity is a precarious pursuit, but if done properly, it breathes brand new life into a tote. Case in point: Givenchy’s pitch-perfect reimagining of the Nightingale tote last collapse. With the new Bayswater, Coca and his team have taken a similar approach as Givenchy: simplifying the bag’s finishing while keeping its general shape. The new version of the bag can be a bit more structured, with flared gussets and sharper corners. It seems like a good, if very restrained, evolution to the original.If you prefer the old-style Bayswater, the great news is that it looks as though it will be sticking around for the future. Mulberry lists both as available for Pre-Fall 2016, using the full-size new version retailing for $1,550, whereas the first will put you back $1,395. The redesigned Bayswater also comes at a more petite choice, which costs $1,250. You can shop the entire assortment of Bayswaters through Mulberry.First, let us cut to the chase and answer the question in the headline: Yes. Not just was poaching Céline’s head of accessories that the type of buzz-worthy move Mulberry needed in order to bring some favorable attention to the ailing new, but also the designer brought significant purse chops together with him. Coca’s very first pair of Mulberry runway totes, which surfaced over the weekend in London, are, in many ways, exactly what the brand needed to divert the industry’s chattering class and also the brand’s shoppers from the doubt of the past few years.There’s a lot of the very wearable sections of Céline in those bags, but unlike so many manufacturers who have tried to recreate the magic of its own luxurious, woman-focused minimalism, Mulberry went out and hired the guy who pioneered that look in Céline’s bags, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry and tiny accessories. It is a move that is repaid, and if those totes eventually sell at a price point that’s more in line with Mulberry’s prices before the firm hired a CEO from Hermès, prices skyrocketed and everything moved sideways, I could see a lot of fans returning into the brand, as well as new clients shopping Mulberry for the first time.