Top Grade Bag Battles: Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag vs. Christian Dior Diorissimo Bag Buying Guide Replica Bags

Raf Simons’ tenure at Dior has been a godsend for the brand’s accessories department. The designer’s handbag team churns out interesting pieces left and right, both new shapes and inventive takes on old favorites. The Images Of Christian Dior Bags Replica Lady Dior Bag is probably the oldest of these favorites, and it has a relatively new, modern competitor: the Christian Dior Diorissimo Bag.

These two bags are so strikingly similar in some ways that for a little while, I assumed the Diorissimo was just a new, modernized Lady Dior. That’s not the case; Lady Diors are more structured and square, generally, and they lack a gusset that folds in. Also, they smooth leather Lady Diors are adorned with the brand’s signature Cannage quilting. Diorissimos are a little more rectangular, with softer leather and gussets that bend inward. They have similar handles and hardware, but the Diorissimo skews a little more casual; the Lady Dior, a little more ladylike.

The two bags’ prices are similar, although the Lady Dior is a little less expensive–its most basic leather version starts at $2,800, while the Diorissimo’s starts at $3,100.

For my personal style, the more casual Diorissimo is the winner here–I’d love to have a little one to carry as a crossbody. If your style is more feminine or formal, though, the Lady Dior may be the bag for you. Which do you prefer?

Christian Dior Diorissimo Bag


Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag

Time for round 2 of my summertime hallway ’17 reviews! This time I’ll be reviewing the Lady Dior tote I bought. The Lady Dior bag a part of Dior’s classic classics series, and I’m sure we could all agree that the history, architecture, and look of this bag all certainly support this. Interesting fact — do you know why the Lady Dior bag is called the Lady Dior tote? Well after doing some snooping I discovered that it was called after none aside from Lady Di herself — a.k.a the late Princess of Wales, Diana. Therefore, if you’re already fortunate enough to own one of these bags then today you know that your bag is steeped in a little bit of royal history. And for those who were coveting the tote — in other words dying to receive one — it merely gives you an extra reason to move it up on your wishlist!I myself might see why Princess Diana loved the tote. It has a royal essence for it and I feel it can make the least complicated of gals — myself included — seem a little more tasteful by sporting this look. As soon as I chose to find the bag I obviously floated towards picking black myself so hey I guess Lady Di and I have something in common in regards to gravitating towards black accessories! Anyways jokes aside I decided to go for the Lady Dior at the first size in black lambskin (not the mini or the big) with golden hardware. I love the appearance of silver hardware onto a Lady Dior also, but for some reason felt that the black actually popped out from the black and that I fell in love with the appearance.