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Trusted Fashion Week Spring 2010: Christian Dior Replica Bags Buy Online

Time for round 2 of my summer hall ’17 reviews! This time I’ll be reviewing the Lady Dior tote I purchased. The Lady Dior bag a part of Dior’s timeless classics series, and I’m sure we could all concur that the history, architecture, and appearance of this bag all surely support this. Interesting reality — do you know why the Lady Dior bag is known as the Lady Dior tote? Well after doing some snooping I discovered that it was named after none aside from Lady Di herself — a.k.a the late Princess of Wales, Diana. Therefore, if you’re already fortunate enough to possess one of these bags then now you know your bag is steeped in a little bit of royal history. And for people who have been coveting the bag — Quite simply dying to receive one — it only gives you an additional reason to move it up on your wishlist!I myself can certainly see why Princess Diana loved the tote. It’s a royal essence for it and I believe it can make the least sophisticated of gals — myself included — look a bit more elegant by wearing this look. When I chose to get the tote that I naturally floated towards choosing black myself — so hey I guess Lady Di and I have something in common in regards to gravitating towards black accessories! Anyways jokes aside I decided to go for the Lady Dior at the first size in black lambskin (not the mini or the big) with golden hardware. I adore the appearance of silver hardware onto a Lady Dior also, but for some reason felt that the black actually popped out against the black and that I fell in love with the appearance. The original a.k.a authentic variant of the bag retails for approximately $4,100 USD while I got mine for less than a 1/10 of the at about $400 USD.

Dior 13If you don’t think that John Galliano is a mad genius and we’re just all lucky to be living in the same world with him, then you haven’t been paying attention.

For Spring 2010, his collection for Christian Dior connected beautifully to the retro-and-structured-underthings look that he had showed earlier this year during Haute Couture week, and the 40s film noir looks were exactly what you would expect a dizzy dame to wear when walking into a smoky private eye’s office.

Galliano knows his audience for Dior, and I could see them buying up these ultra-glam cocktail dresses and floating evening gowns hand over fist. And not only are they beautiful, but they so thoroughly inhabit the brand’s history and mythology while still incorporating modern touches like tough leather bombers. The past and present meld gorgeously into looks that are not only art objects, but are also impressively wearable, for the most part. You know, if you go to those types of events.

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