How To Buy Check out Dior’s Esprit Dior Tokyo 2015 Bags, in Stores Now Essentials Replica Handbags

Pre-Fall 2015 shows seem like an extremely distant memory, but now that the bags are available in stores, its time to revisit them. Dior had never staged a pre-fall show in the past, but for its first one, the brand went all-out, flying the collection to Tokyo to court Japanese consumers and press attention alike. And it worked: the Esprit Dior Tokyo 2015 was a hit, and now’s the time to pick up a piece or two.

By now, you’re familiar with all the lookbook bags you’ll see below; the brand didn’t debut any new shapes for the collection, but it did shrink its still-new Diorama bag down into a fashionably small size called the Baby. Check out all the bags below, and if you’d like to see some of them on people, take a look at our roundup of Paris Couture Week street style from Tuesday; many of the Dior show attendees sported pieces from this collection.

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Dior Baby Diorama Bag


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Dior Baby Diorama Bag


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Dior Coeur Perforated Wallet


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Dior Crocodile Diorama Bag


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Dior Diorama Bag


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Dior Diorissimo Bag with Python Handles


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Dior Diorissimo Bag


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Dior Perforated Lady Dior Bag


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Dior Lady Dior Croisiere Perforated Wallet


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Dior Metallic Crocodile Lady Dior Bag


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Dior Sequin Lady Dior Bag


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Dior Diorama Bag


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Dior Micro Be Dior Bag


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Dior Micro Be Dior Bag


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Dior Micro Lady Dior Bag


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Dior Mini Diorama Bag


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Dior Mini Sequin Diorama Bag


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Dior Mini Sequin Lady Dior Bag


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Dior Perforated Diorama Bag


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Dior Small Diorama Bag


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Dior Small Be Dior Bag


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Dior Voyageur Wallet