Top 10 Supermodels Show Us How It’s Done with Louis Vuitton, The Row, Dior, & More Franch Replica Handbags

As you might have heard, Reed Krakoff is back, and celebs have rallied around him to help him launch his new collab with Kohl’s. Launching a collab with a mass-market retailer a year after you shutter your luxury brand is strange timing indeed, but if you liked Krakoff’s old line but balked at the prices, there’s a 100% chance you’ll want to see these ultra affordable REED x Kohl’s bags.

On the opposite end of the retail spectrum, supermodels are milling all around Los Angeles, flaunting their Louis Vuitton luggage and multi-thousand-dollar totes from The Row and Dior like it’s NBD. Meanwhile, other celebs (who are apparently “Game Changers”) recently took a break from changing the game to enjoy a nice luncheon, and they brought some nice, luncheon-appropriate handbags along.

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Chanel Iman
Louis Vuitton Keepall
Louis Vuitton Pegase Suitcase

However, according the principles of the age, a “good” straightforward day bag had to be made from the best exotic skins such as python or ostrich and hand-crafted to the maximum level of quality. The irony being that although Dior was crafting his dresses with billowy full crinoline skirts and small waists, he wasn’t that concerned with the handbags himself. When placing a runway appearance collectively, it had been low on the pecking order in his fashion house.In reality, it was Dior who introduced the idea of licensing to haute couture. He’d farm out handbag manufacturing to some other luxury good firms, who then benefited from the Midas touch of placing the Dior name on their products.Decades following Christian Dior’s passing, the handbag became a significant piece of the Dior collection in 1990s. The story goes Bernadette Chirac, the first lady of France, gave Princess Diana this tote, which featured cannage stitched leather and four charms for each of the letters in DIOR. Due to her, from the year 1997, 140,000 of these recently dubbed Lady Dior bags sold for $1,200. Designer John Galliano, together with his exceptionally innovative purses, is mostly accountable for the company’s success in the handbag market. In 2007, he also redesign his iconic bag into 12 new styles representing 12 countries–Argentina, Mexico, France, Russia, Morocco, Spain, China, the USA, India, Japan, Egypt and England. Other popular Galliano luggage incorporate the Rasta bag, the Samurai, as well as the Dior 61.

We’ve seen a lot of the newer styles from Louis Vuitton this week, but here’s Chanel Iman, ferrying her classic Louis Vuitton travel gear through LAX.


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Ellen Pompeo
Gucci Dionysus Bag
$3,800 via Gucci

Paps recently caught up with Ellen Pompeo while she was heading into Glamour magazine’s “Game Changers” luncheon at Au Fudge (Jessica Biel’s restaurant) in West Hollywood. Her bag is obviously Gucci, and I believe her outfit is Gucci as well.


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Kate Upton
Christian Dior Lady Dior Crocodile Bag

Here’s Kate Upton leaving Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, where all my favorite celebrities hang out in perpetuity (in my mind, at least). She’s carrying a beautiful ivory croc Lady Dior that looks extremely smooth and buttery.


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Kris Jenner
Hermès Crocodile Birkin

Speaking of croc, here’s Kris Jenner leaving LAX with BF Corey Gamble and one of her favorite Birkins: this bright blue croc edition, which we see her carrying frequently.


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Lea Michele
M2Malletier Amor Fati Clutch
$1,171 via

Here’s Lea Michele, looking absurdly stunning as she walks into that same Glamour luncheon at Au Fudge. She’s carrying a tiny yet sinister-looking black leather M2Malletier clutch. (Has something this tiny ever looked so edgy?) It’s good to be a game changer.


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Lily Aldridge
The Row Two for One 12th Suede Tote
$2,650 via Neiman Marcus

In other parts of town, celebrities who were not actively “changing the game” simply continued to go about their daily lives. Lily Aldridge was spotted leaving the gym in West Hollywood with a new Two for One 12th Suede Tote from The Row.


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Maria Shriver
Prada Executive Tote
$2,230 via Bergdorf Goodman

Here’s Maria Shriver, exiting LAX with a light gray Prada Executive Tote. Don’t be deceived by the odd angle of this shot; Maria does have a right arm, we swear.


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Solange Knowles
REED x Kohl’s Small RK40 Bag
$59 via Kohl’s

Solange Knowles (and several other celebs) attended the launch event for the REED x Kohl’s line last Thursday night in NYC. Solange is actually carrying a bag from the Kohl’s line, which retails for an extremely reasonable $59 (or $79, technically, but you know how Kohl’s pricing works). You can read more about the REED x Kohl’s collab here.